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E! Online

Chris Pratt Reveals the Expensive, Romantic Early Father's Day Gift Wife Chris Pratt Reveals the Expensive, Romantic Early Father's Day Gift Wife Anna ...

E! Online

Anna Faris is the best wife ever! Yesterday, E! Online sat down with Jurassic Park co-stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard for an exclusive Periscope interview.


People Magazine

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart Share Quick Kiss on Her TV Set

People Magazine

Jennifer Lopez was seen sharing a quick kiss with former flame (and current #mancrush) Casper Smart while he visited her on the set of Shades of Blue in New York earlier this week.



Chris Pratt on His Weight Struggles: 'I Had Real Health Issues'


Before Chris Pratt became a superhero (and our 2015 Must List issue cover star), the Jurassic World actor hit an unhealthy weight and was unhappy with how he looked and felt.



Batman v. Superman trailer makes an early, blurry debut online



While we are an independent film company - occasionally, something comes along that we just can't resist - this is from The Verge - April 17, 2015.

Story by Vlad Savov

For those who absolutely, positively cannot wait to see the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer set to debut at IMAX theaters on Monday (April 20, 2015), there's now a low-quality version available to watch online.  This camera recording of the teaser trailer starts to illuminate the grounds for conflict between two of the world's favorite superheroes.


Superman's boundless powers have apparently earned him the public's distrust, and Batman is playing his usual public protector role in taking on the man from Krypton. It's all set to a menacing, pounding soundtrack, and culminates in a badass quip from a Batman wearing a thick new suit of heavy metal armor. "Tell me, do you bleed," enquires the Dark Knight, before following up with the words, "You will."



E TV - January 2015

Hibernia Film Productions Dorito ad "Dorito's and the Fast Ride" has been featured on E TV - You can view all our entries for the contest on our TRAILERS/VIDEOS page.  From the E site:


It's that time of year again. Time to panic about what to do for your impossible to please significant other on Valentine's Day. I mean c'mon, Dana. Isn't my love and a baby enough?! Isn't it? Really?

It's also almost time for the Super Bowl! SUPER BOWL SUPER BOWL SUUUUUUUUUPER BOWL! And everyone knows you can't have a Super Bowl without Doritos hitting up its fans for a free commercial with their Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest.


Among this year's entries there was plenty of the same old same old. Kids outsmarting adults for their Doritos. Hot girls outsmarting guys for their Doritos. And of course, animals outsmarting people for their Doritos. There was however one bright spot of originality; Zombies.



Zombie Doritos Zombie Crash The Zombie Super Bowl



Hibernia Film Productions Indiegogo Campaign for DEMON LANE

HFP - Feburary 2015

Hibernia Film Productions is proud to announce the launch of our indiegogo campaign to raise funds for out latest feature film called DEMON LANE. 


DEMON LANE is an exciting supernatural thriller sprinkled with a splash of horror!  With the ancient origins of demons, witches and Satan witchcraft and the belief in its existence has existed since the dawn of human history, is generally evil and often associated with Devil worship.  Demon Lane is no different as it is the story of a family of demon witches, who are destined join Satan’s family by way of marriage, and to lead Satan’s dark army to rule upon the earth!

Sundance Film Festival

January 2015

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This weeks top stories are about the Sundance film festival.


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